1. Sister Soul

From the recording Overseas Telegram


Some people wonder what was before Big Bang
Some believe in the wisdom of Yin and Yang
I just believe in the love you gave me
I don’t need anything else to be happy
I just begin to realize
That for you the sun and the stars all rise
I call your name, I sing and growl
Every our of the day, you are my sister soul

Baby I am yours forever
Trust me can’t you feel my fever
Baby our love is like no other
I’m sure we will soon be together

I never thought I could be so certain
That I have met the one and only person
I wanna have everyday by my side
A love that gives me constant joy and pride
My baby love, my lucky star
I still adore you even though you’re far
I know some day you’ll be my wife
‘Cause you are the very girl I’ll cherish in my life