1. Paula

From the recording Overseas Telegram


I was about to think
That love was not for me
I was trying to heal
From a serious injury

But I set my eyes on you
And suddenly I knew
That in my life I would never love
Anyone as much as you

Paula there's no way I'd live without you
Paula you're the best I'll ever see
Paula all our dreams are gonna come true
Paula because you believed in me

I was a broken writer
Couldn't get a song done
You made me feel a winner
Then music came all along

I wanna be for you
What you have been for me
And everyday I will write a song
That will sing my love for you

You came out of the blue
Blond as guardian angel
Dancing and flirting with you
Each of your words was a spell

It was a happy birthday
And for the rest of my life
When April comes I will praise the day
That I met my future wife

Sometimes in life we go through worst we'd even feared
Sometimes we're lost, sometimes we lose
But I believe for everyone there is a person
A time, a place to start again